Why Spring is The Best Time to Visit Amsterdam - Jump to Amsterdam Spring Events (April-May):

Why Spring is The Best Time to Visit Amsterdam - Jump to Amsterdam Spring Events (April-May):

April 08, 2019


Sometimes, people come to us thinking the Dutch are just all about work and even if in some degree it can be true for some, once you give them a break from work and a sunny spring day, they truly know how to get the most out it.
Great events, parties of all sorts, funny drunk people, lots of things to do, they don’t miss anything. Therefore, we wanted to share with you a Top 5 List of events you might want to attend during the spring season.

1- Party During the Cult National Holiday in The Netherlands - KING'S DAY

The Biggest Party on April 27th. All the country celebrate King's Birthday! Koningsdag or King's Day is a national holiday in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Brace yourself for the "Oranjegekte" or "Orange Madness”: no beer glass is left full, no mind is left clear while attending every sort of party imaginable both on grounds and waters. If there is one day to black out, let it be this one.


At Lost In Amsterdam, we always know how to celebrate events. We have special events for this biggest day! Check our event page for last event news! Our best DJ’s playing the best music and barman serving the best cocktails will have the best mood set up. Enjoy your day in the streets & canals of Amsterdam. Wear orange and enjoy the fun of the city's crowd.

2- King's Day Street Markets: Buy or Sell Something at Flea Market or Sunday Markets available in Spring

The same day of King’s Day, from 6:00 to 20:00, streets will be set up for the famous Flea Market where you can either buy or sell anything you find useful (or useless).
If you miss them because of too much “celebration”, do not fear because - during spring - every first Sunday of the month there will be the Sunday Markets, find more about this and more Sunday events, here.

3- Spring Season (A.K.A) Festivals Season

A.K.A festival
There is something else that gathers thousands of people every week during spring other than tulips and windmills in The Netherlands.
We are talking about the 300+ music events that will take place in this season, with festivals such as Awakenings, DGTL, Elrow Town, Dynamic Festival, The Flying Dutch, Spring Break Amsterdam and many, many more... Amsterdam’s festival agenda spans all tastes and genres.

Get the tickets for the one you prefer and go live this magical experience!

Dynamic Festival

4- Easter Egg Hunting | Visit Petting Zoos

As you may know, in spring many baby animals are born, what you may not know, instead, is that you can easily find and pet them in one of the many petting zoos (or children’s farms) available in the area and attend the “Egg Hunting” during Easter.

Petting zoos are the perfect way to give city kids a taste of life in the countryside. Amsterdam is home to a remarkable number of locations where you can come face to face with a variety of small animals and farmyard friends.

In Amsterdam, from the South Amsterdamse Bos to the very North of the city, there are quite a lot of them. Click here for a list.

After that, you can still end the day at Lost In Amsterdam for some music and fun… after a nice shower. ;)

5- Finally, Enjoy the Canals in a Bright Sunny Day

A day in Amsterdam isn’t complete without a cruise through the canals of Amsterdam, whether romantic or wild, it needs to be on the checklist. There are many websites, like this one, where you can book the experience you prefer.

We hope you found these suggestions helpful and interesting; and remember, at Lost In Amsterdam, we always welcome you to party with us and create unforgettable memories together!