Greetings, Long-Lost Lovers!

Greetings, Long-Lost Lovers!

September 03, 2020

We thought it was ‘high’ time we said hello and let you know what we’ve been busy with over the past few crazy months! Like the rest of the world, the Lost Lounge came to a grinding halt when Miss Rona reared her ugly head, and of course the slower pace of life has taken some adjusting to. With a declining stream of tourists due to the ongoing travel restrictions, we are desperately missing the buzz of a busy bar full of international visitors… But we haven’t let the hard times get us down!

We got busy right away “Covid-proofing” the bar; installing hand sanitiser stations, separating tables, and sterilising everything in sight like mad women! We have a new cleaning schedule which includes a professional weekly deep-clean, and a log book and reservation system to help us keep track of all our guests and to ensure they are healthy upon entry.

As well as the Covid measures, we’ve also taken this opportunity to get some long-awaited renovations underway. Shiny new stairs (complete with a VERY necessary handrail; if you know you know), new paint on the walls, new tables and ventilation are just some of the glorious features waiting for you at the new and improved Lost in Amsterdam! If you’re worried about all this change - don’t be! We’re still the same chill smoke spot you know and love. The only difference is our sparkly-clean makeover and a little extra space to lounge - until the tourists return, that is!

While we can’t wait for a return to bustling bar life, the Lost family also think its important to use this time as a reminder of what really matters, to appreciate the small things, and to think of those less fortunate. It’s been a trying time for all of us, and with the hospitality industry being particularly hard hit, we’d like to say another big HARTELIJK DANK to everyone who has come by the bar, liked our posts, bought something from the web shop, sent us a nice message - you are what keeps the spirit of Lost alive, even from afar! Until we meet again, Lost Lovers, let us pass the virtual joint and leave you with the wise words of Mr.Marley…

“Don’t worry about a thing, ‘cause every little thing gonna be alright”!

Lots of Love,
The Lost Family