Events In Amsterdam That You Shouldn’t Miss

Events In Amsterdam That You Shouldn’t Miss

November 08, 2018

No event goes unnoticed at Lost in Amsterdam. We are always in for a party and preferably in the best way possible. We like to go all in on decorations, have great DJ’s playing, serve specialty cocktails and ensure an amazing atmosphere in the lounge like always.


Lost in Amsterdam Halloween

Halloween: End of October

It happened just one week ago and is still fresh in our memory. Crazy scary outfits, spooky decoration and a suitable cocktail was especially created for this event. This year we had a snow machine to give a little extra winter feeling.

Halloween is a holiday celebrated worldwide and therefore we love to be a part of it as well. We are known for being an international hotspot in Amsterdam and therefore celebrate not only local holidays, but also the big ones celebrated worldwide.


ADE Event

Amsterdam Dance Event, ADE: Mid October

Amsterdam Dance Events is one week of the best DJ’s worldwide playing in every venue you can think of in Amsterdam. Big venues like the Ziggodome, but also the smallest bars tucked away in the center.

This year we had an international DJ set playing in Lost in Amsterdam. The night was hosted by Influx Radio and a variety of DJ’s from Australia, United Kingdom, the Netherlands & Germany played amazing electronic tunes during the night.


 Gay Pride Amsterdam

 Gay Pride: Last week July / First week August

By far the most colourful event of the year, the Gay Pride! A full week of special party nights, parades and even drag Olympics makes this one of the most entertaining weeks of the year. Every year on Saturday there is a boat parade through the canals of Amsterdam to celebrate freedom and equality.

We celebrate Gay Pride in Lost in Amsterdam like no other. Sparkles, glitter and crazy colours can be found throughout our lounge. This year there was a special performance of miss drag Monique de la Fressange, specialty rainbow shots and pink cocktails.


Kingsday Amsterdam

Kingsday: 27th of April

Kingsday is the most well known holiday of the Netherlands. At this day we celebrate our king and royal family. Since orange is our national colour everybody will be dressed up in orange. In Amsterdam, everybody takes out their boats and party through the canals of Amsterdam. Throughout the center there are different festivities and activities going on like markets, games and festivals.

In Lost in Amsterdam we love to show everybody our national holiday and therefore everything and everyone will be in orange. We make sure we have live entertainment and show our international guests what Kingsday is all about.