5 Unusual Dining Experience in Amsterdam

5 Unusual Dining Experience in Amsterdam

January 11, 2019

1.Lost in Amsterdam

If you’re looking for a unique Amsterdam experience, this is the right place. Lost in Amsterdam is not just a restaurant. There is both a restaurant and a bar where you can smoke your weed and chill out with your friends with DJ’s performance. In a nutshell, they are providing various possibilities that I like.

I'm starting up with the place I've enjoyed the most and I spent most of our weekends! I don’t know why but this place has a secret that makes me addicted. I guess it may be because of the unusual ambience and warmth that it offers. Everyone is so warm and like a family! Really enjoyed it, staff are so welcoming and helpful. Lost in Amsterdam is a smoker-friendly lounge and the perfect place to relax and enjoy what Amsterdam has to offer. You must try their signature cocktail, monster milkshakes and live DJ & Music. It's the perfect mixture when they're all together. On top of it, if you love cats, you're in the right place.



2. Supper Club

Dare to experience a surprising night out? Book your bed or table and enjoy a five course surprise dinner at an unusual location with DJ’s and 3 to 4 performances.

Supperclub is more than just a restaurant. It is also a club, bar and gallery. It’s a place where like-minds find each other and go home with a story at the end of the night. Supperclub brings you a night full of spectacle, from an exciting 5 course surprise menu to exhilarating music, occasional performances to 360 degrees visuals. everyone plays a role, even you, and fills in the white canvas that is the supperclub.

We hope you’re wearing your good socks because when you step through the silver door of the old theatre hall and lay on the crisp white beds, you’ll be taking off your shoes. Pay attention to etiquette and good table manners!



3. REM Eiland Restaurant

REM Eiland is an unique restaurant in a former broadcast platform of the illegal television station ‘TV Noordzee’. Nowadays it is located in the middle of the Amsterdam Houthavens and still offers an experience with a spectacular view. The bar, the restaurant, the multifunctional studio and the roof top terrace are providing a various of possibilities.

Please do take the stairs for a breathtaking climb upstairs!

In the past REM Island had the function to create an experience. As a broadcast platform, it ensured that millions of viewers enjoyed the first commercial TV programs.

This made the broadcast practices of TV Noordzee illegal. The Netherlands would not be ready for this new form of entertainment and therefore the broadcasts had to stop, according to the government.

On December 17, 1964 at exactly 9 o’clock in the morning a raid was made on the REM Eiland and the government put an end to TV Noordzee.

This fantastic piece of history and the unique experience that people brought with TV Noordzee, something had to be done with it. It was decided to give REM Island its entertaining function. The island was taken ashore, where the building was completely renovated. While retaining the original elements, REM Island was then placed in the Houthavens of Amsterdam and nowadays it has the function of a trendy restaurant concept. There are 3 different concepts and floors. I suggest you check it before you go to find out whatever you want.

4. Vuurtoreneiland's Summer Restaurant

The restaurant on Vuurtoreneiland (literally: Lighthouse Island) near Amsterdam preserves the island's unique characteristics: small scale, high quality and durable. At this restaurant you'll "eat in and from nature." Using traditional techniques and wood fire only, a weekly changing table d'hôte menu is created. The restaurant on Vuurtoreneiland is open from May through September for dinner on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturday nights. On Sunday afternoons a sumptuous lunch is served. Departing from the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam you can make a boat trip to Vuurtoreneiland. The boat ride there and back, including dinner, takes about 4 to 5 hours. On site there is ample opportunity to experience the island, nature and fort.

A totally unique experience: take a boat to a private island, enjoy a 4-course meal in a temporary structure with a view over the water and a tiny lighthouse, then boat back to the city. Sounds great right? Then it's time to try!



5. Restaurant de Kas

Their unique restaurant is located in a greenhouse which dates back to 1920s and used to belong to the Amsterdam Municipal Nursery. As food tastes best when it is prepared with the freshest local ingredients, they grow our own herbs and vegetables.

On fine summer days, lunches and pre-dinner drinks are served outside on the patio in the herb garden. They observe a non-smoking policy, to be honest I like this rules:) If you want to try something different in Amsterdam, you should visit De Kas restaurant. Although I am not a vegeterian nor vegan, I enjoyed the fresh colourful dishes! It was a surprise for me! The wine was also great! You can also have a walk to Park Frankendael which is right next to De Kas. I highly recommend it!